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This short film is not just the story of one person. To viewers this may seem like something that has come and gone in their own lives. EVOKE - What is being discussed here is nothing more than a young man who is mentally broken and has lost many many people and is suffering from depression and insomnia. When he decides to commit suicide in a state of isolation and unable to regain his composure his father's memories turn him away from it. The name EVOKE itself means recall. When memories or experiences are recalled they give the energy to live. If there is no one I am strong enough to empower myself and memories and experiences will help. Sound is important in this short film. The voice is embedded in the mind of the main character. Although presented in a monologue style the viewer gets the presence of many characters. Here you can see the mentally ill Kerala society in general. Mental health is something to be achieved. Many do not. The message here is to inspire yourself.

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