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An Experimental short film about COVID 19 awarenesses

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A man was locked in a room. The mystery loosens as he starts speaking to the girl beyond the wall.

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Comedy short film produced and directed by kids on summer vacation

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Oru lockdown pareeskshanam directed by 20 + directors and actors those who haven't seen each other those who don't know personally. This short film has been made by some such friends from many places of the world including videos that were shot and send to mobile. 95 per cent of the friends who acted in this are also new faces. It is the first time many are performing in front of the camera


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The bloody footprints of centuries are the result of those explosive divisions of the black. The history under the feet of whites is being destroyed by the explosions from the resurrection of the black through the war and retaliation which is an outcome of continuous slavery and defeat. Revolution is being born. The escape from ignorance distancing slavery and suppression. A new dawn is being emerged from the waterfront in the form of a new red sun of independence.

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നേരം കൊണ്ട് ഒരു ആഷേപഹസ്യം

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