2019 BC
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⁣Movie : 2019 BC
Director : Gokul Leela

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⁣Title : Raagasoothram
Title in English : Spectrum of Love
Genre : Mythological Psycho Thriller
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue & Direction : Sreejith Nampoothiry
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Banner : Ann Marria Presentations
Producer : Mr.Thomas Jacob
Motion Picture Photography : Jijo Abraham
Editor : Appu.N.Bhattathiri
Music : Deepankuran
Sound Mixing : N.Harikumar
Lyrics : Arunima Krishnan
Decor : V. Sreedharan Nampoothiry
Sculptor : Sarath Mulankadakom
Actors : Thomas Jacob, Srilal Nampoothiri, Biju Nampoothiri, Sreejith Nampoothiry
Chief Associate Director : P.G.S.Sooraj
Associate Director : Rahul Sharma

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Radham Fantasy lucid dream movie it shows a relationship between Atman mind and body

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The crucial and exciting game between life and death continues. Death moves forward with vigorous plans. Life approaches failure. Suddenly a saviour arises. Death sinks into defeat. Life blows the trumpet of victory...

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The Ants is a short Fantasy short film that revolves around a small thing that happens around us which is unnoticed. This short film does not use any kind of CG work. The whole film was entirely shot using a smartphone only. It took 6 months to complete the whole shoot and process.

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Janazah is the story of a fantastical journey to death of the eighty-year-old Gandharvan Haji. When he travels at night in the same deathbed where his ancestors were carried in the arms of his children. As he reaches the most relaxed state of his life the wonders of the sky begin to call to him. Gandharva Haji\'s beautiful journey to heaven begins here.