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⁣Direction_ Tutu Midhunraj
Producers_ Sanad Ibrahim, Shahim Siddique
Cinematography_ Jishnu K Raj
Editor_ Sarath Sasikumar
BGM_ Anaswar
Sound Design_ Vinayak
Poster Design_ Nivin Thomas
Assistant Director_ Naveen Karimbanakkal
Assistant Cinematographer_ Gopu VK

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DI is an action black humour short film. The story is about a how short-tempered person handles the worst situation in his life and how to make it complicated. The story begins when the short-tempered protagonist come to his room after a having bad situation with someone. He is frustrated and his roommate trying to cool him down. The story move on to what happened to him and his roommate after the conversation.

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This is an incident story. When 2 boys unexpectedly came into the forest for a shooting location. while they face problems and survival

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A thrilling suspense investigation story

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This short film is shot in 12 hours in between the lockdown time limits so we had to work the story under one place with a lot of limitations which will make the audience feel alike or resemblance to other movies.